If you have ever wondered why your business is not as successful as it should be maybe you should take another look at your logo. A logo is one of the most important yet underrated tools of most businesses. It’s an integral part of branding but gets the least amount of budget allocation. Your logo should be looked at as the foundation of your business and is equally as important as the quality of your products and services. When asked about a favorite restaurant or line of clothing most people don’t think of a specific item but instead envision the logo of that brand first. Branding is the bedrock of your business and is the exact reason why you need to invest in your logo.

In this digital age your logo appears on more than just a business card. It’s the face of your company and should be distinctive enough to be recognized across multiple forms of media. It appears on emails, invoices, company branded shirts and pens, storefront signage, and sponsored events. As you build your brand, your logo becomes an instant point of recognition for your business. It’s the calling card and an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers while building brand recognition. Your logo doesn’t have to be the flashiest but it does need to be clear and consistent.

A good logo can make an impact whether it’s in color or in black and white. When you have several logos with different colors, fonts, or artwork and none of them are of high quality, this is usually the first sign of trouble. To a potential customer, a blurry graphic can equate your business to being low quality, inexperienced, cheap, and unprofessional; and that might not be the case. Perhaps all you need is some direction, it might be as simple as conversing on the topic with a friend or relative, or better yet, a mentor who has your best interest at heart and can point you in the right direction; and of course, there are the experts. A high-quality logo can create the perception that you are making the investment in your business and your brand. Most individuals may not remember the name of your business but they can immediately identify your logo which is associated with their experience. With that positive experience comes trust and customer loyalty which equates to repeat business. Remember, everyone will be looking at your logo so don’t shy away from making the investment.


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