Products and Services

All projects are considered custom. Recommendation can be made as to what dimensions are most popular but each client’s project will be deemed unique in its own right. Along with the below products and services, we also offer Electric/Lighted Signs, 3D Letters and Signage, Feather Flags, Foam Prop & Letters, Graphic Design, and Banner Stand Rental/Purchase.

Custom Apparel

Expressing one’s self or even your brand can start with what you wear. Fabric can be customized, too. Customers are encouraged to be cre8tive with their designs or those of Cre8tive Arts. From t-shirts, polos, cool and dry attire to hoodies and much more. The idea is to give your cre8tive a visual presence.


A-signs are what we call mobile advertising in that this durable plastic sign can be customized on both sides.  What makes it convenient is that the graphic work can be changed and storing is very easy.  A-signs a great for both in-door and out-door use and can be anchored for high traffic or high winded areas for added stability.

Acrylic Signs

Acrylic signs are perfect for a sophisticated and high-tech look.   There is the option of having a frosted look or clean appearance.  Personalization comes in the text and graphic used.  There is opportunity to use variations in colour which can add depth to the finished product.


Backdrops are used with banner material and can be customized for the space in which it will be installed.  Having that banners that are printable material the versatility in transferring a theme is possible.  Banners are great for photography scenery, theme enhancement, and staging.  Events as birthday parties, corporate functions, political rallies and stage presentations to name a few.


The versatility with the use of banners are endless.  Banners are extremely popular with backdrops and billboards but can be erected whether with some form of adhesive or with the presence of grommet holes they can be hung wherever desired.

Billboard Designs

Billboards are a 2-step procedure in that customized banners are printed by Cre8tive Arts for installation by desired advertising entities or for personal use.  Not all printing companies have the ability to print large billboards due the equipment and expertise required.


Adhesive allows for visibility on nearly any surface. Our Team can produce items as small as a label or sticker and as large as an automotive or marine decal with the capability to produce wall art. At Cre8tive Arts we pride ourselves with customized and hassle-free service.

Event Signage and Personalization

Personalization not only adds character but also displays an individual’s cre8tive.  No event should be a carbon-copy, and even if the ideas are similar each customer deserves a personalized touch.  Our Team works with individuals and planners alike to cre8te memorable events.


After your cre8tive juices start to ignite ideas, the next best thing is your logo; your representation of you, your business, organization and brand. When no one sees you, they see your logo, your brand. Our Team of Design Experts can help give you some cre8tive direction or construct your logo from start to approval, giving you the flexibility to change fonts, artwork, colours and layout.


Print media is created digitally before reaching the printing stage.  With the increased traffic on various virtual social outlets, customers enjoy the option of clicking the Share button.  Our design team is ready to assist with the designing of posters/flyers to help you communicate to your target market.


It is as simple as saying “look for the sign; you cannot miss us.” Signage whether interior or exterior not only gives direction but also adds an informational tool for any business or organization. At Cre8tive Arts we have a variety of materials to get the job done. Need signs with braille to ensure that they are suitable for persons with disabilities? Our resources are limitless!

Window/Glass Application

Every surface has the potential to be a marketing tool. The opportunities available with windows and glass are endless. Whether it is tint, vinyl, perforated material or frost (with or without patterns, printed or cut out) your options are infinite.

Community Initiatives

The philanthropic efforts of Cre8tive Arts is intended to spread amongst the wider Virgin Islands (U.K.) territory and not limited to a particular group or individual. It is our goal to do what we can when we can. Giving back to us is more than just monetary value; giving of our time and sharing of our expertise especially to the youths within our communities are important to us. Securing a future for all generations whether through, health, service, education or empowerment; we are fully aware that we can not do it all but we can contribute to various initiatives.

Indoor and Outdoor Advertising Tools

Having versatility in the use of the marketing tool of choice is known to be appreciated by our clients. With our Design Team available to assist with all customizing needs tools as feather flags, table covers, tents and the many other options on the market our Team can help meet all advertising needs within your respective budget.

Other Services

Electric/Lighted Signs
3D Letters and Signage
Feather Flags
Foam Prop & Letters
Graphic Design
Banner Stand Rental/Purchase