Social distancing is what many are calling the “new norm”.  We like to look at it as sanitisation on steroids.  Every corner of the world is promoting healthy social distancing habits and branding has gone further than a company name or image.  It has moved to signage telling us not to touch walls and rails, be sure to wash our hands before entering (this is before even getting to the restroom), down to the floors we walk on a daily basis instructing us not to stand close or better yet, six (6) feet apart.

In moving with the motion of what has now become the acceptable (whether by choice or force) public normal gives our Team the opportunity to allow clients to have us produce standard signage or even to incorporate their brand in various social distancing signage and decals.

Cre8tive Arts Branding Specialist fully supports and practices social distancing and will go at whatever lengths to ensure that our clients are best served.  The availability of custom products are endless and we are here to do our best.  Custom sizes, various products that are either coated are given laminated protection.  Durable, reliable and timely products we produce.

Our Team urges everyone to abide by official recommendations surrounding COVID-19 and we will do our part to assist!

As you can see from the examples below, the possibilities are endless.  For more information, please contact us at