About Us

Cre8tive Arts Branding Specialist is a printing company that specializes in visual communication through branding.  With over a decade of experience into the graphic and printing industries this trend driven entity has been trend setters with its unique sense of multifaceted approaches to various design concepts.  Originated in the Virgin Islands (U.K) we tend to pride ourselves in producing cre8tive designs for our clients.

The name Cre8tive Arts originated from an apparel brand started by Virgin Islands Graphic Artist Cleteist Mathavious who thought that the idea of being cre8tive stemmed beyond apparel.  His venture into joining the art of carpentry and graphics brought fort the Branding Specialist.

Considering the dynamics of our facilities in the Virgin Islands we are fortunate to maintain business relationships with key affiliates outside of the region who are committed to maintaining the same standards with our outsourced projects.

Cre8tive Arts Branding Specialist’s Owner and Chief of Design Cleteist Mathavious introduction to the art industry started in 2007 when he launched T-Shirt Genius where his focus was cre8ting various designs that he would transfer on apparel whether it is by free-hand art, airbrush, paint and in the later years with assistance of the heat transfer process.  Over the years through trial and error he ventured into custom signs and vinyl applications with his family’s business being his first and largest client.

Moving from a 100 square foot space he has re-branded and teamed up with his wife Keithleen where they now have sufficient space for office, designing and fabrication.  Always a small team their use of the various resources and expertise available warrants the respect for their craft.

Quality Mission Statement
Achieving customer satisfaction in providing quality, professional and durable products that fosters consistent positive behavior and outcomes.  Our organizational culture thrives on the fact that we are a family that supports each other as we support each customer with customized products and services, and we do so with the same level of commitment.

Our employees are expected to exude professionalism at all times and establish a confidential atmosphere for each client.  Quality improvement is an expectation by our team and vendors.